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Football Insights from FIFA Data


UMAP projections of the complete all Action2Vec vocabulary.

UMAP projections of all players within all matches, according to StatsBomb open dataset.


Player2Vec is the core of this project. It is, in fact, the averaged representation of PlayerMatch2Vec representations.

Plotly interactive UMAP projection of Player2vec where all player’s matches are averaged to a single vector. Players are colored by position.

#1 What Comes and Goes with Age


This page is under constructions. Meanwhile, you can interact with the figures below.

excavator (1)_edited.png
DALL·E - An old football next to a brand new football, on a football pitch, digital art..p

Interactive Charts

Messi's development by age

Messi’s development over the EA FIFA game series (2015–2023)

Players development by age

Scatter plot of the overall rating of selected players over the EA FIFA game series (2015–2023)

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